Comac Antea 50BT

Antea is a high performing walk behind scrubbing machine, battery powered, offering high performances for both maintenance and heavy duty cleaning of floors up to 2200 sq.m.

Brand: Comac Code: 10267 Category: Walk Behind Scrubber Dryers

Product Description

It is available with a disc brush with 50 cm working width, cable (E) or battery powered, with traction (BT version) or without it (B version). Moreover, they come with traction also the scrubbing-sweeping version with 2 cylindrical brushes (BTS) and the new orbital version (BTO).

Many are the benefits Antea can offer:

  • Intuitive drive, with few and easy controls
  • Versatility, thanks to the compact size it is ideal to meet the cleaning needs of several sectors
  • Full accessibility to components for easier maintenance
  • Reliability over time and sturdiness are guaranteed by the new design and the new pressure die-cast aluminum frame
  • Energy saving and silent operation < 66 dB (A) thanks to Eco device (traction versions)
  • Control of water and detergent consumption with CDS system (optional, only traction versions) frame

Product Specifications

Power Supply Battery (24V) V
Rated power 1100 W
Working Width 508 mm
Disc brushes (Ø) 1 x 508 mm
Squeegee width 700 mm
Solution Tank 40 Liters
Recovery Tank 60 Liters
Working Capacity 1780 Sqr. M / h
Brushes Speed 140 rpm
Brush Pressure 23 Kg
Brush motor 500 W
Suction motor 420 W
Suction vacuum 124 mbar
Traction Motor 180 W
Forward speed 3.5 Km/h
Gradeability 10 %
Dimensions without Squeegee (L x H x W) 1177 x 1009 x 591 mm
Weight (Without Batteries) 87 Kg